Essential Dental Care: Whitening Teeth Made Available

A smile is a choice but a proper care for the teeth is not an option. Tooth discoloration oftentimes is experienced starting from a young age nowadays. This can be attributed to many factors including the intake of food, bacterial pigments, dark liquids (such as cola, tea, coffee, cola, wine) and the consumption of tobacco more often. All of these are likely to stain the teeth. There are other serious causes from trauma and illness which changes the tooth color. Also, simply aging of individuals can add change its color as well.

Teeth-whitening clinics are now located everywhere, as such Pure Smile has a laser whitening kiosks located in Broadway mall Sydney. This procedure helps a lot of individuals to easily reach them and provide a fast and effective way of discolored teeth treatment. To figure out what to do and how our teeth are whitened, we have to identify how they get yellowish. These factors will include the genetics, food and drink consumption and the proper daily oral hygiene you practice. Basically, the tooth is composed of 4 tissue-enamel. This includes the white covering protecting the tooth, the dentin to support the enamel in return. There is also the hard yellow material to carry nerves and the pulp at center of tooth that contains the lymph vessels and blood. Lastly, the cementum covers the very root of each tooth.

Due to more research and the aim to address the increasing problem, tooth whitening became part of the dental care. This process lightens the discolored enamel including the dentin of the teeth. Some of the known methods used are pens, gels, strips and lasers as well as UV lights. The common active contents of each of the whitening products are carbamide and hydrogen peroxide. The most commonly available in the market are custom-fitted tray which is a DIY and of less cost than in office treatment.