Troubleshooting Printer Problems

Having a cost cutting on printer repair expense can be impossible at times especially when the problem is huge. Well you don’t have to panic anymore. Global Office Machines has many experts to solve your problem at the most practical cost.

If you have an expensive, branded or of high quality printer, and it gets serious issues, GOM can help you through the well-trained technicians in the house. Here are some of common printer problems GOM can fix in seconds or maybe, you can try it doing by yourself first.

Paper jam

Most printers have this especially when you do not get used to the right placement of the paper or when there are lots of hands using and replacing the paper whenever it runs out of sheets. Most of the time you can solve this immediately but if the problem occurs more repeatedly, then there should be really something serious inside. The “first aid” is usually done by gently opening the printer and then slowly removing the trapped papers. Take note that you cannot solve it by forcing the paper out or using really abrupt and strong force, otherwise, you will destroy the whole machine. Make sure that you also remove all the debris on the paper feed to avoid paper jams. It is also important to use dry paper and uncrumpled paper when printing. Do not also stock paper in the tray for a long time.

The printer does not respond to printing task command. The first thing to do is to check the printer is turned on. If the printer is on and still not responding, check if cables are properly connected. If all cables are properly connected and still do not print, check if a software for the printer is installed properly. After checking this and your printer does not respond that is the time to call a printer repair service technician.

Poor Printing Quality

You always need to check the ink level and do the cleaning. It should be in the manual of all printers. If you are really unable to solve the problem, then call GOM. Perhaps there are some printer parts that need repair or replacement.

These two (paper jam and poor printing quality) are just among the most basic troubleshooting skills that you can do. GOM wants you to know them not just to have a quick fix but also to make your printer live longer.